Camp 2019

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Session 1 • June 17th – June 22nd, 2019
Session 2 • June 24th – June 29th, 2019

9 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday @ St. Andrew’s Episcopal School
∴ Saturday Showcase: 10 am – 2:30 pm @ The North Door

» St. Andrew’s Episcopal School  1112 W. 31st St., Austin TX 78705

» The North Door  501 Brushy St., Austin TX 78702

Ages 11-18 

  • Strings    violin, viola, cello, upright bass
  • Brass    trumpet, tuba, euphonium
  • Woodwinds    clarinet, flute, saxophone
  • Guitar    acoustic, classical, electric, electric bass, ukulele
  • Piano    keyboard, synth
  • Drums    kit, percussion
  • Vocals 

Tuition : $425

Camp Internship Program

Intended for our most enthusiastic alumni, the internship program offers an opportunity to get involved and experience camp from a new perspective!


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It is MFML’s mission to be accessible to all who wish to attend, and each year the program seeks to provide need-based scholarships for up to half of its participants.

Spring Workshops

Book a coaching session on your musical project this spring!

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Adult Workshop

Please provide feedback and sign up to receive our announcement of the Adult Workshop 2019 by participating in this survey!


What if I can’t read music?

Don’t worry about it, this camp teaches music by ear!

What if I only read music and don’t have experience learning by ear?

We supplement our teaching with sheet music when we think it might be helpful, and are always happy to write something out on request.

What does it mean if my instrument isn’t listed?

We’re always excited to add new sound to the mix! If your instrument isn’t listed this means that we don’t have any staff that know how to play your instrument. Please give careful consideration to whether this will be a challenge you feel comfortable with before applying.

For further information contact Andrew Fontenot at

I don’t understand chords/harmony/music theory. Am I going to lag behind?

Don’t worry about it, this camp teaches music by ear!

Can I bring song material written outside of camp?

No, at this lab we start from scratch!