Who We Are


The Mother Falcon Music Lab is a creative education movement founded and run by Austin band Mother Falcon. The curriculum is inspired by Mother Falcon’s practice of collaborative songwriting, and has been developed based on primary experience as creators, educators, and professional performers.

Now in its 8th season, the Lab has grown from its humble beginnings into a fully fledged artistic philosophy. We see our campers as the new generation of thinkers and doers who are empowered to challenge boundaries and realize their goals, opening up new horizons for them to thrive beyond MFML!

MFML seeks to bring together different viewpoints in order to foster an attitude of understanding, respect and open mindedness by eschewing entrance auditions and providing need based scholarships to up to 50% of campers.

The Lab’s values guide all aspects of the organization’s operations; ideas and feedback from staff, campers and guests are our most valuable assets. Everyone is an owner in this enterprise; every individual brings their best and works hard towards our common goal, bringing this unique and vibrant experience to life!


We Are


Andrew Fontenot | Camp Director
Sterling Stephen | Partnership Director | Saxophone
Nick Gregg | Creative Director | Cello
Diana Burgess | Outreach Director | Cello
Clara Brill | Program Director | Violin
Wil Brookhart | Intern Director | Bass



Shea Carley | Photography
Matt Krolick | Art
Claire Puckett | Guitar
Chase Weinacht | Guitar | Lyrics
Isaac Winburne | Drums
Casie Luong | Piano
Tamir Kalifa | Photography
Sam Pankey | Bass
Roy Thomas | Trumpet
Nathan Wilkins | Effect Pedals
Lisa Lam | Violin
Toto Miranda | Projection and Animation | Drums


The Statesman, January 2017