Emily Kahn is a skilled pianist and vocalist whose repertoire includes guitar, ukulele, violin, and cello. As a composer and gifted lyricist, she seamlessly pairs her poetic talent with a nuanced understanding of chords and melody to produce a rare sound that combines the captivating lyricism of folk music with the upbeat feel of pop. Her leadership skills and collaborative nature have also helped her emerge as a music producer and collaborator.   DAISY FLOWERS
“Daisy Flowers” to me, is a celebration of freedom. Inspired by my summers spent in the warm glow of the Vermont sun, I wanted to mimic that warmth and inviting feeling for the listener within the the production of the track. The lyrics of this song are joyful, playful, and freeing, expressing the feeling of “cutting the keys” (leaving all distractions behind) and “diving into the sun” (finding exploration). 

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