Jessica B. Cohen

Jessica is a 15-year-old songwriter, writer, filmmaker, comedian, musician, actress, artist, and performer. She plays the piano, ukulele, and a little guitar. Having written 30+ songs, as well as working on a musical, she has a passion for creating and sharing. She began her songwriting in 2018 by writing a handful of songs for a Minecraft-centered musical, which never took off but gave inspiration for her current musical. She hopes to have the ability to continue creating and performing in the future.

Jessica’s first single with MFML, “Rubble”, is about pursuing independence for the first time. She was inspired by the whole idea of “freedom” and what that can really mean to different people, in different contexts. Her song *vibes* borrow inspiration from
Billie Eilish’s song “my future.”


Art ︎:

︎: jessa.cohen

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