[Session Youth] Stop Motion: Animated Stories

5 Sessions

Monday, July 27th through Friday, July 31st (10:00AM – 11:15AM)

Virtual MFML Show & Tell :  Saturday, August 15th

Express your creativity through stop motion animation to create dynamic storytelling experiences! Through an exploration of character, scene and narrative development, video and editing techniques, visual design, and use of sound, this course empowers participants to build worlds and share their vision.

This session of Stop Motion: Animated Stories is designed to have a creative dialogue with the co-current Improvisation and Musical Scavenger Hunt courses, sharing original visual and musical materials to trade inspiration and bring ideas to life!

Final Product: A short stop motion film depicting a story with titles, credits, and audio.

System requirements & Course Materials: Costs: $5 – $10

  • App: Stop Motion Studio Pro ($5) – Find on App Store or Google Play, download to device for animation
  • Recommended Devices : 2 (1 device for Zoom on smartphone, computer, or tablet // 1 device for animation app on iPhone or tablet)
  • *If you need to run both Zoom and the App on the same device, the App will turn off Zoom video but not audio.


  • Arts & Craft Supplies: Pencil & eraser, crayons markers or colored pencils, construction paper, poster board or large paper, scissors, glue, tape.
  • Household objects: Whatever is available to animate and easy to move- toys, legos, coins, dice, candy, puzzle pieces, etc!
  • Station Creation: A designated area with good lighting for shooting the video, and materials to create a stand to hold your device still –
  • Headphones – Helpful, but not necessary

Meet your Artist Instructor:

Maggie Exner is a visual artist, musician, and arts educator from Memphis, TN. She moved to Austin in 2015 to pursue a graduate degree in art education from UT Austin and has been here ever since! Maggie joined Mother Falcon Music Lab last summer to teach the art classes and animation workshops. As an artist, she works in a variety of media including illustration, screen printing, murals, and video editing. She plays drums in Pollen Rx, and plays synthesizer and sings in Space Heat.

About MFML Virtual Summer experience:

The Mother Falcon Music Lab is excited to bring our programming online!

With so much to learn and share, we’re ensuring participants are able to stay in the moment and centered on content. Each Artist Instructor is supported by an additional instructor in the zoom room to monitor needs, helping to field questions and assist with technical issues. Also, we are offering a virtual Chill Room – a spot where you can play a game, relax from class or talk anything out with Mr. Michael!

The unique content of this course has been developed by experienced artists and instructors in a ground up, collaborative environment. We are passionate about what we do and the experiences we share with our community!

Multimedia Arts Pathway: Art on Your Sleeve, Animation, Podcasting

Discounts and Refund Policy:

Financial Assistance is available – Click this link to apply!

Refund Policy – Students can receive refunds up to 7 days before the course start date.

*Course Minimums – If the course minimum has not been met, the course will be canceled or rescheduled. Those who have pre-paid will be notified in advance and will receive a full refund.