[Private Mentorship] Songwriting & Production in the Digital Age

3 class sessions based on participant & instructor availability

Virtual MFML Show & Tell :  Saturday, August 15th

***Ages 14+; Experience with either writing, recording or producing

Mentorship for up-and-coming songwriters to thrive as writers, producers and collaborators in the digital musical ecosystem! From inspirational outset to a final song product, this course empowers students through both applied and creative techniques, including lyric writing, theory, form, and workflow in Logic.

Final Product: An original track (audio file & project file)

System requirements & Course Materials: macOS 10.14.6 or later

  • DAW (Digital Audio Workstation): Logic – free 90 day trial link here
  • Recommended Devices :1 – 2 (1 device for Zoom and Logic on computer or tablet and/or 1 device for Logic on computer or tablet separately)
  • Supplies: Headphones that can connect to computer

Meet your Artist Instructors:

Casie Luong (she/her/they/them) is a Vietnamese American singer-songwriter, pianist and actress based out of Austin, TX. Originally a classical pianist, Casie branched out and decided to write songs inspired by others’ lives as well as her own. From performing in various music settings and songwriting competitions across Texas to making her appearances in local theater, short and feature films, Casie always finds a way to pursue her love of storytelling. Casie also founded Writer’s Retreats, bringing together writers from all mediums to participate in creative writing and share their works! When not performing, Casie serves as a band coach and communications director for the Mother Falcon Music Lab, which combines her love of songwriting, music education and working with youth.

MFML Intern Director Wil Brookhart (he/him/his) is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer currently based out of DFW. Originally coming to MFML as a camper, Wil was part of the first MFML Intern team before being hired as full time staff and was recently added to the admin team. Currently studying classical double bass performance at the University of North Texas while also writing and producing under his own name, Wil has experience in both classical and popular styles. Wil’s primary creative outlets include playing guitar and co-producing for rising electro-pop star Carley Bearden, and working as an Ambassador with Quadio, a social-streaming music company based in NYC.

About MFML Virtual Summer experience:

The Mother Falcon Music Lab is excited to bring our programming online!

With so much to learn and share, we’re ensuring participants are able to stay in the moment and centered on content. Each Artist Instructor is supported by an additional instructor in the zoom room to monitor needs, helping to field questions and assist with technical issues.

Also, we are offering a virtual Chill Room – a spot where you can play a game, relax from class or talk anything out with Mr. Michael! For times/schedule visit mfml.org/calendar

Advanced Pathway : Private Mentorships : Songwriting in the Digital Age, “What Now?” (18+), Music Marketing

Discounts and Refund Policy:

Financial Assistance is available:

Under 18: Click this link to apply!

Over 18: Click this link to apply!

Refund Policy – Students can receive refunds up to 7 days before the course start date.