What We Do


The Mother Falcon Music Lab curriculum is centered around 3 core concepts:

Celebrate your voice

• Use tools you already have to express yourself in a creative medium
• Engage in critical thinking to hone your perspective
• Value your individuality


• Develop trust by ensuring each voice is heard, respected, and valued
• Learn from diverse perspectives and cultivate connections outside your sphere of experience
• Try new things and find common ground through the language of art!

Create a world!

• Engage in spontaneous play and let creativity be your guide
• Think about your music as a world and invite people in!
• Be empowered to achieve anything within the scope of your imagination

Summer Camp 2020

Session 1 • June 15th – June 20th, 2020
Session 2 • June 22nd – June 27th, 2020

Registration opens March 2nd!

Monday to Friday : 9 am – 5 pm @ St. Andrew’s Episcopal School
∴ Saturday Showcase : 10 am – 2:30 pm @ The North Door

» St. Andrew’s Episcopal School ~ 1112 W. 31st St., Austin TX 78705

» The North Door ~ 501 Brushy St., Austin TX 78702

See tab ‘Apply Here’ to apply for camp and need-based scholarships!

Ages  11 – 18

  • Strings               violin, viola, cello, upright bass
  • Brass                trumpet, tuba, euphonium
  • Woodwinds      clarinet, flute, saxophone
  • Guitar              acoustic, classical, electric, electric bass guitar, ukulele
  • Piano               keyboard, synth
  • Drums              kit, percussion
  • Vocals              any style

See FAQ if your instrument is not listed

About the Camp Experience:

    • Write an original song with your band!
    • “Cover” a song by breaking it down to discover its basic musical elements then rebuild it with your ensemble’s unique influence and interpretation
    • Explore different creative mediums in workshops (see next section below)
    • Create a band name, logo, and t-shirts in the DIY art and merch course
    • See performances by and ask questions of acclaimed guests from the local community
  • Camp activities culminate in the Saturday Showcase, an exciting performance at a live music venue!


Projection and Animation Campers design an animation and light show that will be projected throughout their band’s final performance
Photography and Visual Media Campers explore visuals through the lens of photography and design and direct their band’s portraits
Sound Design Campers record their band’s song and learn live sound engineering via digital audio workstations
Screenprinting Campers design and produce high quality merch for their band
Podcasting Campers curate their band’s story through a personalized podcast mentored by staff from local Austin radio stations!

Internship Program :

Intended for our most enthusiastic alumni, the internship program offers an opportunity to get involved and experience camp from a new perspective! 

Prerequisites :

    • At least 15 years of age
    • At least 2 sessions of experience as an MFML camper
    • Above-average knowledge of your instrument
  • No previous discipline problems at MFML (with staff or fellow campers)

Becoming an MFML Intern means :

    • Maintaining a rigorous schedule
    • Navigating the fabric of camp as a peer leader, with corresponding responsibility
    • Demonstrating and passing on skills of conflict resolution, communication, team building, and accountability
    • Helping the camp run from a logistics standpoint (ex: practice space set up and safe equipment movement)
  • Jamming with the other interns!

You will be working with the Internship Team, which includes the Camp Director, Intern Director, and the Lead Intern. You will be expected to attend meetings with this team before and after each day of camp.

Please direct questions to our Camp Director at campdirector@mfml.org

Apply Here

Spring Workshops

Book a coaching session on your musical project this spring!

The workshops provide 2 MFML instructors to coach you or your band in any of the following :
+ Songwriting
+ Improvisation
+ Performance
+ Creative development

Submit your request at least 3 weeks prior to the desired date.

Apply Here

Adult Workshops

Program details to be announced this summer!

Estimated Date: September 2020

Please provide feedback and sign up to receive our announcement of the Adult Workshop 2020 by participating in this survey!