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Celebrate your voice, Collaborate, Create your World!

The Mother Falcon Music Lab is a multimedia creative education movement founded by Austin band Mother Falcon. The program, initially inspired by the band’s wish to share their collaborative songwriting process, has developed based on the MFML Artist Instructor community’s primary experience as creators, educators, and professional performers.

Now in its 9th year, the Lab has grown in size and scope, keeping creative play & vision at the core. It is a space to explore ideas – their inception, development, and delivery. We see our campers as the new generation of thinkers and doers who are empowered to challenge boundaries and realize their goals, opening up new horizons for them to thrive beyond MFML!

Many musicians are fabulously skilled at playing the black dots on the printed page, but mystified by how the dots got there in the first place and apprehensive of playing without dots. Music theory does not help here, it teaches rules of the grammar, but not what to say” – Stephen Nachmanovitch

MFML seeks to foster a community that recognizes strength in versatility and builds networks that include all who want to share this experience by eschewing entrance auditions and providing need based scholarships to up to 50% of campers.

The Lab’s values guide all aspects of the organization’s operations; ideas and feedback from instructors, campers and guests are our most valuable assets. Everyone is an owner in this enterprise; every individual finds their personal strengths and work together to bring this unique and vibrant experience to life!

Administrative Directors

Clara Brill

Clara Brill joined Mother Falcon in 2008 upon moving to Austin, where she pursue her Bachelors of Music and Masters of Music in violin performance at UT Austin with Prof. Sandy Yamamoto. When not working on musical projects or MFML, Clara enjoys teaching her violin studio, learning new things, and moving through nature.

Diana Burgess

Starting cello at age 5, Diana grew up playing with her father’s Beatles cover band The Eggmen. She began writing music with her own group while studying at the McCallum Fine Arts Academy, and joined Mother Falcon in 2010, her junior year of high school. She received her Bachelor of Music in Cello Performance from the University of Texas at Austin, and she currently performs a mix of classical, Americana and pop music with artists in town such as composer Graham Reynolds, James McMurtry and Curtis McMurtry. As a solo artist, Diana has just released debut album You Run, to be released in summer 2020. Diana is the sole performer on You Run’s thirteen original songs, creating lush, haunting worlds of layered vocals, cellos, tenor guitars, and more.

Nick Gregg

Nick started playing cello at the age of 7, and wrote his first song, “For Papa” as a part of his application to the gifted and talented program at his middle school. He was not admitted, and decided he needed the help of his friends. He explored collaborative songwriting while playing in quartets and various bands throughout high school, and became fascinated by the pairing of performance spaces with particular shows, from the Church of the Friendly Ghost to the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge to the courtyard of a Taco Cabana. He formed Mother Falcon his senior year of high school, and went on to receive a Bachelors of Architecture from UT Austin. When not playing music, Nick is a designer at DIG:A Architects and can be found on evenings blending mediums and seeing what comes out. He just graduated with his masters degree at NYU Interactive Telecommunications Program and will be using this knowledge to further develop MFML’s design curriculum.

Wil Brookhart

Wil Brookhart is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer currently based out of DFW. Originally coming to MFML as a camper, Wil was part of the first MFML Intern team before being hired as full time staff and was recently added to the admin team. Currently studying classical double bass performance at the University of North Texas while also writing and producing under his own name, Wil has experience in both classical and popular styles. Wil’s primary creative outlets include playing guitar and co-producing for rising electro-pop star Carley Bearden, and working as an Ambassador with Quadio, a social-streaming music company based in NYC.

Andrew Fontenot

Andrew started performing at age 8 as a bassist for his dad’s band. In middle school he learned to play saxophone and guitar, performing these instruments as well as lead vocals in bands throughout high school. A graduate of St. Edward’s University, Andrew joined Mother Falcon in 2011 and also plays in a multitude of other bands such as Sometimes a Legend and Michael Holt and the Trophy 500’s. He now works at MSB Consulting in Austin, TX, working to promote better documentation for Special Education programs across the state.

Saskia Gregg

Saskia Gregg started playing the violin when she was three and a half. She spent the previous three years attending her older brother’s weekly cello lessons. From that point forward, she participated in orchestra and chamber music with Austin Chamber Music Center, in addition to her solo education. She recently graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, having double-majored in Music and Advertising, and is returning for a Masters in Marketing. She first participated in MFML as a camper in it’s very first year, and subsequently she became a first-generation intern and is now the program’s Marketing Director.

Casie Luong

Casie Luong (she/her/they/them) is a Vietnamese American singer-songwriter, pianist and actress based out of Austin, TX. Originally a classical pianist, Casie branched out and decided to write songs inspired by others’ lives as well as her own. From performing in various music settings and songwriting competitions across Texas to making her appearances in local theater, short and feature films, Casie always finds a way to pursue her love of storytelling. Casie also founded Writer’s Retreats, bringing together writers from all mediums to participate in creative writing and share their works! When not performing, Casie serves as a band coach and communications director for the Mother Falcon Music Lab, which combines her love of songwriting, music education and working with youth.


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